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英国牛津大学由衷教授将于2019年11月1日在创新港带来题为“Structures and Materials Inspired by Origami”的学术讲座,欢迎各位老师、同学前往聆听、现场交流。


地点:创新港巨构二6F-023  国际机械中心会议室

题目:Structures and Materials Inspired by Origami

讲座人:英国牛津大学 由衷 教授


由衷教授是牛津大学工程科学教授,在上海交通大学,大连理工大学和英国剑桥大学分别获得学士,硕士和博士学位,主要从事折叠式结构的研究,涵盖折纸结构的设计、模拟以及工程应用,有折纹的多稳态结构和吸能结构的设计及力学分析,机构拼装的折叠式结构,以及医用植入式展开式结构包括治疗血管瘤的脑血管导流支架和脑手术器件等。其研究成果在《科学》等一流杂志发表,并被选录代表英国研究最高水平的皇家协会(the Royal Society)在白金汉宫(皇宫)的科学日展览。《科学》杂志刊登过他的研究专访。在2018年,他在牛津成功地组织了四年一次的第七届折纸科学,数学和教育大会。


Recently origami folding, a traditional art form of paper folding, has been of increasing interest to engineers. It has been found that the formation of origami structures and the shape change capability of some origami objects can be readily parameterised and applied to the development of new structures and devices. Since most of the sheet materials used in engineering applications are relatively rigid in comparison with paper, particular attention has been drawn on to rigid origami, a subset of origami that permit continuous motion between folded states along the pre-determined folding creases without the need for twisting or stretching of the facets. This allows the patterns to be readily manufactured from modern materials such as plastic, metal, or carbon-fibre sheets, producing patterns that are sufficiently strong and durable to be of use in large-scale applications.

In this talk, I shall focus on two types of origami structures, one being the origami morphing structures that are capable of large shape changes, whilst the other the tubular and sandwich structures where origami is used to design such structures to acquire superior mechanical properties. I shall show that not only can origami technique be effectively exploited to develop novel foldable structures, but it can be used to induce a particular failure mode that leads to a higher energy absorption capability. I shall complete my talk with some remarks on future research directions.

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