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汇报题目:ACMAE2019 参会报告

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会议名称:The 10th Asia Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

会议时间:26-28 Dec, 2019

会议地点Bangkok, Thailand

会议概况:The major goal and feature of ACMAE 2019 is to bring academic scientists, engineers, industry researchers together to exchange and share their experiences and research results, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. Prestigious experts and professors have been invited to deliver the latest information in their respective expertise areas. The conference has 2 Keynote Speakers, 1 Plenary Speaker and 3 Technical Sessions. It will be a golden opportunity for the students, researchers and engineers to interact with the experts and specialists to get their advice or consultation on technical matters, sales and marketing strategies.


Title: An On-line Diagnosis Method of Broken Rotor Bars Fault in Motor of Aerospace Surveying Vessel via Salient Characteristic Residual Signal from Dynamic Model

Author: Qinyuan Luo, Yanyang Zi, Jinglong Chen

Abstract: Diagnosis of broken rotor bar fault in induction motors is a hot research focus in recent years. The most common method of diagnosis of this fault is to analyse the spectral characteristics of stator current. However the characteristic frequencies are too close to both sides of power frequency and usually covered by it in early failure. To overcome this limitation, this paper presents a method by introducing a dynamic model based on field-oriented control (FOC), which was widely applied in control. The FOC technique is modified to generate an estimated stator current signal in a little computation. The residual signal of stator current is produced by comparing the measured one and the estimated one as the motor running. The result of simulation shows that power frequency component is greatly reduced and the feature of fault is more significant than the measured current signal.

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